My Personal Frequency Review — Can You Attract Wealth?

With so many opinions on how you can attract the life you desire, you may have come across a program that goes by the name of My Personal Frequency, but is it legit? Can it turn your life around for the better if you were to follow the program? 

This review is here to answer that. You’ll also know why it’s different to other programs and how My Personal Frequency could have your life completely turned around. Those who have tried and the additional research that goes behind the program unanimously agree that there hasn’t been anything like this, out there, that actually brings people the results they want to see in their lives. 

What is My Personal Frequency?

The program aims to help individuals achieve their dream life by increasing their vagal tone. This isn’t like numerous other manifestation programs with poor research behind it that promise you riches overnight. 

The author of the program, Jude Ritz knows what it is like to have it all taken away from you and feeling helpless. He lived it in his own skin and after being able to retrieve the happiness that was taken away from him due to unfortunate events, he now shares his secret with his program, my personal frequency after being taught what would truly move the needle. 

Without getting into the background of everything that led to the program being created, it’s worth adding that the program doesn’t fill their practitioners with illusory wishful, positive thinking nonsense that takes them nowhere, but instead, it’s able to help individuals tackle the problems that obstruct them from living a financially abundant life, or just about any life they want to live. 

How it does that is by helping you raise your vagal tone. The correlation between high vagal tone and a sound financial health, sound blood pressure, improved mood, happiness and overall well-being is high. Being in those states on their own, can and will put you in a high vibrational frequency, which in turn, will enable you to start manifesting. 

What’s interesting is that the opposite can be found in individuals with low vagal tone. The correlation is significant enough to deduce that raising your vagal tone can have positive life changing consequences for those that know how to. 

With My Personal Frequency, you are handheld through audio tracks to restore your vagal tone. It’s a program that you can start the moment you gain access to it, no need to wait days for shipping as it can be accessed digitally.

Why My Personal Frequency Works

If it’s the first time you hear about the vagal tone having an impact on your ability to manifest wealth, it’s for a reason. For instance, it’s not in the best interest of higher ups that know how to truly manifest for you to know this information. Oftentimes, these are the same people that keep you in an endless cycle, stuck with programs that don’t move the needle for you to attract wealth. 

They will often say things like “think positive”, “use affirmation x y z”. This advice is often linked with claims of instant riches, but doesn’t influence your ability to attract what you desire. Restoring your vagal system is doing yourself a favor by tapping into your innate abilities to manifest, which deep down a part of you knows you can do, but you may have been clouded by failures or methodologies that don’t help you. This program can change that. 

Forget the manifestation courses that did nothing for you, or the gurus selling outdated methods that take a lot of effort to maintain, and even then, don’t guarantee results. 

Many of those who have had their lives turned around thanks to the vagal system are many, some of them, the kind of people you wouldn’t think would need this program but still have benefitted massively and turned their lives around for the better. 

Like bankers, professionals, financial analysts and people holding high rankings in the financial industry. You too can now access that same information, it’s not just available to a few. The best part is that the information can be accessed no matter where you are, so long as you have an internet connection. 

How The Program Taps into Your Own Power to Manifest

My Personal Frequency’s main goal is for you to find the vibration that’s unique to you, using the power of your vocal cords to reactivate your vagus nerve. You don’t require any musical talent for the program to work. 

There’s no books or courses or any particular place you need to attend, it can all be done from the comfort of your home. All you would need to do is follow the program. The audio tracks inside My Personal Frequency will help you awaken parts of your body. It will help you rely on yourself for your own transformation. This is why I said at the beginning that this is a program like no other. 

Sounds can not only activate our personal frequencies, but also other parts of our body that can stimulate healing. We tend to overlook the power of sound and its role in influencing us, that’s because we’ve been clouded with so much misinformation on how to actually manifest. 

But the good news is that if you are reading this, this could be the end of your quest for life transformation. For instance, entrainment is something that can be unlocked through personal frequency. It’s a healing mechanism. 

No matter if you want to attract health, wealth, love, or happiness, the program got you covered and isn’t just exclusive to attract one thing. That’s the good thing about this program, unlike many other programs that just aim to attract one of those. There is no reason to limit ourselves or limit what we can attract. 

When following the program, you are likely to start noticing fast results, manifesting in significant reductions of stress hormones and cortisol. Your vibration can also now finally match that one of the universe’s vibrations. Which is vital for manifestation. It’s a way of welcoming money into your life. As mentioned earlier, it can also promote a healthy immune system.

When you think of this deeper, the program helps you make use of your own power for life transformation. You don’t need any external substances or anything unnatural. This is the most natural way to have your life turned around without relying on anything dangerous. 

There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that you were able to turn your life around relying on yourself, all thanks to following a proven methodology to make it happen. A valuable gift for yourself you will thank yourself later down the road.

Who should not get My Personal Frequency?

If you want to continue being in the cycle of buying manifestation course after manifestation course that don’t take you anywhere, don’t buy my personal frequency. You should only get My Personal Frequency if you are ready to change your life, and ready to use something that has helped a ton of people turn their lives around. This is unlike many other programs you may have seen before. 

Virtually anyone can use this program. One strong motivation people get my personal frequency is to get out of debt. You can use your own personal frequency to in a way, “reset” time to what was good before, and work from there. 

For instance, if you’ve ever been at a high point in life but it ended because your vagal tone went down, this program can be especially useful. But the bottom line here is that anyone could benefit from my personal frequency, regardless of the situation they are in, and given that it’s so accessible to anyone who’s serious about making a change, it’s also becoming more popular, and due to this increasing popularity the price may go up soon. 

The best part is that the secret to raising your vibration and vagal tone lies in your body, you just need to know how you can use it in your favor. Up until this point, the reason you don’t have what you want is because you’ve been using it indirectly without knowing it, but attracting what you didn’t want to attract. This program teaches you how to change that and gain back control over your situation. Nearly anyone who’s got to know this secret has gotten their lives turned around for the better. 

The bottom line here is that if you don’t want to see any change in your life, even if it’s positive, don’t get this program. This is only for those who are serious about a change. Those who are tired of being lied to with promises of instant riches and manifestation gurus teaching outdated methods. 

Freeing yourself from limiting beliefs

One key benefit that raising your vagal tone can do for you is freeing yourself from beliefs limiting you from reaching your full potential. From a young age, we’ve been programmed that there’s only one or two certain ways to attain wealth, it’s the old classic of going to school, getting good grades, then going to college, finding a job… the story we’ve all heard a million times. 

My Personal Frequency is a paradigm shift, in the sense that it opens up a new path that you’ve overlooked all this time, and you’re not to blame if you’ve never been told about the immense power your vagal tone has to your life, and how your vagal tone influences your happiness and ability to manifest wealth. 

Take limiting beliefs, for instance. Limiting beliefs alone are a strong reason why people don’t get where they want to get. Because they convince themselves of this fallacy that they can’t achieve anything. 

The mind is very logical, and having limiting beliefs is dangerous, because the source of those beliefs are we ourselves. So in a way, we are antagonizing our own progress  to achieve our full potential. Getting rid of limiting beliefs is a huge step forward in realizing that anything is possible. Removing limiting beliefs is a bit like deleting a wall standing between you and what you want to achieve. It’s a no brainer.

Complements to the program

If knowing how to change your vagal system for the better wasn’t good enough, the program also comes with albums aimed to complement the program so several aspects of your life can be turned around for the better. One of those albums goes by the name of the “Forest Bathing Audio System” which is aimed at handholding you into reaching a deep state of relaxation. 

The other complement to the program is “Depth of The Soul” which is all about using your own body for healing. Overall, My Personal Frequency and what’s included inside has the potential to boost anyone’s quality of life and have their lives completely changed, so long as they follow everything inside the program. 

My Personal Frequency is a five part journey, where in the third and fourth part consists of reviving the vagus nerve. It’s a program that is overall easy to follow and where no guess work is involved as you are guided step by step. If this wasn’t enough, the bonuses included in the program could be sold separately but they are included in the program, making it comprehensive and able to solve several aspects in their followers’ lives. 


If, for whatever reason, the program were not to work for you as it should (which is unlikely, so long as you follow the training to the T), you have a two month money back guarantee. Or, almost two months. It’s 60 days to be exact. 

This makes it all more appealing and a risk free investment on something that could have your life turned around in a short time span. We currently don’t know for how long this program will be available, and we don’t know if the price will rise anytime soon. 

That’s why it’s recommended to take advantage of this opportunity for as long as it’s present. Since this program is so easy to follow, once you get it, you could follow it at your own paste.  It’s available to anyone at an accessible price, and the author cares so much about students’ success that every month,  new audio tracks are added to the program.