HerpaGreens Review – Is It Good Against Herpes?

Have you ever experienced difficulty in breathing, dizziness, vomiting, headaches, vomiting, swelling face, lips, tongue, throat, vision problems, swollen lymph nodes, lack of appetite, skin itching, tiredness, fever, and many more. 

Do not take these symptoms very lightly and consider them a minor health problem that will disappear with time because it could be symptoms of Herpes. Living with herpes could be demoralizing and depressing because it manifests on the body and its sores are painful when it begins to attack your genital area and the part of your body. 

Herpes virus has done a lot of damage in relationships and it is a condition that could lead to death if not well handled because the virus attacks the immune system and it is hard to find its medication since the virus replicates with genes making it immune against the medication. You can, however, live in peace so long as you adhere to the daily prescription.

What is HerpaGreens?

HerpaGreens is a well-researched natural powder formula blended from unique plant ingredient extracts for combating the herpes virus and boosting your immune health thereby compromising its side effects and symptoms. 

Therefore, based on FDA regulations, it is important to note that HerpaGreens is not a pill for curing the herpes virus but a dietary supplement that helps in reducing the viral load and to boost the immune system of the victim. 

HerpaGreens dietary supplement is not yet validated by the FDA but they are produced in the FDA certified facility Following Good Manufacturing Practice {FMP} in the United States of America. 

Comparing to over the counter pills, HerpaGreens is better than them since it does not leave you with the double downside of dealing with unwanted and unwelcomed side effects because it relies on natural ingredients without artificial chemical additives and synthetic/non-GMO ingredients, making it better than chemical-based pills.

There are two types of herpes; Herpes Simplex Virus-1{HSV-1} which is transmitted through general interactions and majorly affects your face and mouth, and Herpes Simplex Virus-2{HSV-2} which is transmitted caused due to the weak immune system and other reasons and is primarily responsible for genital herpes. Both types of Herpes can be contained if you use HerpaGreens.

Besides, by purchasing this supplement on their website you will be protected by a 60-day cash-back policy that guarantees you a 100% full refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Furthermore, the powder supplement comes in different packages with a discount. Prices are as follows;

  • The basic package cost $79, a month supply
  • Popular package is priced at $177, which reduces the price to $59 a bottle. Which would last for around 90 days.
  • The ultimate Discount package costs $294, $49/bottle, 180 days’ supply.

Despite that there are also other bonuses that you will get when you purchase the above packages; these are as follows;

  • Ageless Body perfect health
  • Secret kitchen cure.

The Creator behind HerpaGreens

HerpaGreens supplement was created by Cody Morgan, a former Special Ops Medic who served in the US Army treating wounded soldiers and due to serving three tours of duty across Iraq and Afghanistan, he infected her wife Emily with Herpes. 

To make it right for her Cody decided to look for a way to eliminate herpes. With determination, Cody used his medical background on research treatments for herpes and he found studies that turmeric, resveratrol, and Quercetin suppresses both HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses.

What does HerpaGreens contain?

HerpaGreens is made up of 57 ingredients but there are three major ingredients that the formula focuses on to help in blocking a protein that is responsible for camouflaging the herpes virus within the DNA of the body cell. These major ingredients are Quercetin, resveratrol, and curcumin.


This ingredient is extracted from raisins, olive oil, peppers and red onions, Acerola Cherry, green tea leaf, asparagus, broccoli, orange, and kale. The ingredient is believed to prevent the spread of the virus in the body in the body by directly fighting the virus.


Curcumin is majorly extracted from turmeric root. The importance of this ingredient is to expose the virus from its hiding so that that the immune system can fight it naturally.


This ingredient is mainly found in the berry family; blackberry, raspberry blueberries, cranberries, and also they are also found in parsley, organic banana, coconut juice, and spirulina concord grapes. 

This ingredient contains properties that bocks inflammation which is responsible for reducing the spread of Herpesvirus 1 and 2. 

Other Minor ingredients included are Korean ginseng root, pineapple, spinach, and 

cauliflower which also decreases the risk of complications with the heart. Ingredients included to strengthen the immune system and have an anti-aging effect are; reishi, maitake, and shiitake mushrooms. 

Apricot and Wheatgrass have also been included since they are best in detoxifying your body because they are rich in antioxidants.

The science behind the HerpaGreens Effectiveness to Suppress HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses

Herpes is a virus infection and the virus is well known for its cunning behavior of camouflaging like a body protein thereby hiding and evading the body immunity thus making it easier to thrive and replicate itself inside the victim’s body thus overpowering the immune system defenses. 

However, the virus thrives because of the LSD-1 protein that is found in the host’s body which is responsible for hiding inside the body which further enhances its multiplication, infects other body cells, and weakens your immunity. 

Thus, the HerpaGreens ingredient comes in offering a perfect solution by blocking the LSD-1 protein from camouflaging the herpes virus, thereby exposing the virus to the body’s immune system which stops the virus from replicating, puts it in silent mode, and finally reactivating it. However, the supplement works in two steps, below is how it works;

Phase 1

This phase is also known as the “search phrase”, at this stage the unique natural ingredients block the LSD-1 protein so that the herpes is exposed and the body’s immune system spots them and fights them.

Phase 2

This phase is also known as the “Destruction phase” because the powerful ingredients are activated to strengthen the body’s immunity making it aggressive to fight and stops the replication of the virus in the hosts’ body.

What will I gain from HerpaGreens?

As has been mentioned above that the supplement helps to suppress the herpes virus but there are also other benefits you can gain from using this product. These include;

  • Helps in boosting the functioning of our brain because it has natural ingredients that are capable of charging your nerve cells and permanently getting rid of brain fog thereby sharpening your brain’s memory and enhancing your cognitive abilities.
  • Reduces brain inflammation because the supplement contains properties that can reduce inflammation which is believed to be the root cause of other diseases.
  • It enhances your immunity system since its composition is made up of 57 ingredients with different properties that work together to improve your immunity, thereby providing a shield against other infections.
  • It suppresses the symptoms of the herpes virus thereby healing the sores and inflammation in the body which in turn restores your confidence and helps the victim to come out of the depressive zone making them active and productive in society.
  • The supplement is made from natural ingredients that are non-GMO which makes it harmless in the long term usage and does not expose you to the double downside/repercussions related to the usage of the chemical-pills formulation. 
  • It ensures your body is supplied with essential nutrients, which are vital for the proper functioning of your body.
  • Blocks the activation of inflammatory TCP protein thereby controlling the herpes virus.
  • It nourishes and detoxifies your skin and body.
  • Helps in controlling the cholesterol and blood pressure levels in your body, thereby maintaining the wellbeing of your heart and weight.
  • It improves your metabolism and digestive health.
  • The anti-oxidants in the ingredients help to cleanse your blood ensuring your blood is at a healthy level of fighting the symptoms.
  • The antioxidants play a helpful role in managing blood sugar levels and also the antioxidants present in it bring in hand an anti-aging effect to you.

How to use the HerpaGreens supplement

The formulation of the HerpaGreens supplement is from natural ingredients that are organic and non-GMO which makes it friendly for consumption and does not expose you to some side-effects. 

However, it should not be assumed that the supplement works like a magic pill despite gaining over 60,000 positive reviews on its official website from its users. 

Therefore, if you are willing to experience or get the best outcome, then you should adhere to a daily dosage intake of two capsules with water; one in the morning and once at night, but this prescription is not the specific dosage but you may consume it according to your degree of infection/viral load. 

Besides the supplement formula has a mix of prebiotics and probiotics to ensure proper digestion and reduce irritation within the gastrointestinal tract easily. 

But because of it’s the supplement is a blend of natural and powerful ingredients it worth to note that it will never cause any reaction or allergy if consumed along with other medicine; therefore, no need to worry about contra-indication or side effects, but has limitations for pregnant and lactating women.

The virus takes longer to get suppressed; therefore, it requires patience, perseverance, and consistency to follow the pattern of taking the medicine without stopping for at least 3-4 months. 

However, if you stop using the supplement before the viral load goes down herpes could become resistant to the pill due to the mutation of the virus rendering the supplement to be useless to your immunity.

How does HerpaGreens Works? Is it a Scam?

As mentioned above the supplement works efficiently through searching for the LSD-1 protein and blocks it so that the herpes is exposed and the body immune system spots them and fight them, then, it activates and strengthens the body’s immunity making it aggressive to fight and stops the replication of the virus in the hosts’ body. 

Besides, there are many reviews from people on the HerpaGreens official website claiming how effective the supplement has helped them to have back their normal life, so there is no doubt it won’t work for you.

In addition, the company also protects its clients with a 60-days refund policy which guarantees or entitles the client to claim for a full refund if the supplement does not eliminate herpes. 

However, there is something to be aware of before buying HerpaGreens. As there are countless websites selling a counterfeit version of the HerpaGreens which, unfortunately, many individuals will fall for and have already fallen for. Which is why I have included a link to its official website here, where you can purchase HerpaGreens from the legitimate vendor.

Pros of the HerpaGreens Supplement

  • Easy to use and no specific diet needs to be followed to use it.
  • It is made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • It has no side effects since it is a non-GMO supplement.
  • Pocket-friendly treatment for herpes virus compared to other treatments.
  • Manufactured in the FDA certified facility following strict rules and regulations.
  • Comes with a risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee policy.
  • The website offers a bonus if you purchase more than one bottle.
  • The supplement is made of high-quality, natural ingredients.
  • Contains 57 nutrients rich with a lot of nutrients that are essential for the body.
  • The nutrients/ingredients are proportionally mixed and tested for human consumption.


  • It is only available on their official website
  • Not recommendable for nursing or pregnant women.


Being diagnosed with the Herpes virus doesn’t mean it is taboo or a curse in your life. HerpaGreens is a natural solution that has turned many people’s lives around for the better. You could be the next one to experience the life changing benefits of HerpaGreens. Take this opportunity before the product runs out.