10 Minute Awakening Review — Can You Manifest Your Dream Life?

Do you want to know if the 10 Minute Awakening program is right for you? You’ve come to the right place. By the end of this review, you’ll have enough information to make an educated decision on whether this program deserves your attention or not.

If you are after a substantial life change using the well known law of attraction, you should give the 10 Minute Awakening program a look. 

The program was developed by Paul Tomas and it functions via three key steps that have been developed carefully through extensive decade long research. All that would be needed is commitment to follow the program and follow the guidance outlined by the creator.

Say goodbye to frustrations and sleepless nights

Everybody desires to lead a life of abundance. You may not know that it is easy to control the various phases of your life. It is possible because lots of things control life and most of these are external to the individual. 

The question of whether it is possible to control those external factors in your life is in the affirmative. You may control those negative forces that pull you down in life and lead the life of abundance that you have always desired. Now, you will finally be able to use the law of attraction to your advantage.

This is what the 10 Minutes awakening is to achieve for you. It is going to bring about in your life that life-transforming enlightenment by using sound wave technology as well as meditations. This program is unique and there has nothing been anything like it in the past. 

It is full of Vibrational phenomena. Two people are responsible for the emergence of this program and they include the main creator Paul Thomas and Jonathan. These researched over the years to get this program that can transform any human being use the law of attraction efficiently. The program was tested and found to be working. You can access it through the official website which is here.

This program is different from others out there because it focuses on the subconscious of the minds. It is part of the mind that has the power to manifest anything with the law of attraction. Tapping into that and having the ability to influence the subconscious will allow individuals to reprogram their minds to start attracting what they want.

This is where 10 Minutes Awakening is needed because it is going to equip you with that positive energy that you require to transform those dreams into reality. It can generate power in the human body which makes it possible to dream and transform those big dreams into reality. The program can last for three weeks and it employs sound waves to stimulate the mind.

Meditations are not the same and these kinds of meditations are those performed by monks within the Himalayan ranges. All it takes from you is just ten minutes to do that transformation and it can change your life forever and change it for the better. 

The effect can be there forever and it can transform any aspect of your life. This can help you massively. You will remain unstoppable in anything you want to do or you want to achieve in this life. Everything becomes possible for you. 

If your dream is to make money, then the chances of making that money are one hundred percent assured.

What is included when you order this program?

When you order this program from the creators, there are lots of benefits that come with it. Perhaps you may not be aware that it comes with some bonuses. There are at least five bonus programs that come with it. 

These bonuses are useful because they are meant to help you in life in one way or the other. The program encompasses a lot of things. 

Yes, it is about meditation but it is more than meditation because it includes how to relieve anxiety and stress. If you have heavy workloads, you need this program to help your mind reveal all the workloads and live the kind of life you have always wanted.

It will do away with stress in your life and bring positive energies that are going to transform your life. There are other benefits that you can derive from using this wonderful program. 

For instance, it comes with an audio clip and this is great because it can create positive vibes. The other bonus you can derive from it includes the 10 Minutes Awakening book as well as the quick start manual of the 10 Minutes Awakening PDF. 

The last bonus that you can derive from this includes the theta and alpha sound waves and this is a DVD. These waves are important in your life because it is going to calm your central nervous system and so on.


The program also comes with 10 Minutes Awakening Modules. As you are aware this system is to last for three weeks. The weeks are divided in such a way you gain enormously from what they offer. 

Within the first week of this program, you are going to know about its vibrational phenomenon and the alpha and theta sound waves. Furthermore, it makes it easy to visualize all those happenings within your mind. 

The second week is equally important as the first because it is devoted to your work. The aim here is to discover those things that are hindering you in the work you do. If it is something that does with your behavior, there would a solution to that since you can now reconstruct those behaviors that are actually keeping you down. 

The aim here is that you are going to be doing those positive things that can assist you to achieve your goal in this life. You are going to get relief from those stresses and other challenges that confront you in this life.

The third week of this program is the transformation. This is the stage you will become introduced to the vibration phenomenon and the activities here are those that can assist you in transforming your life through a change in your lifestyle to the positive one. 

This is the most important stage because it helps you to determine the most effective way you can achieve your life goals. In the end, you will be able to attain success in your life and this is going to be the path to a better future and your greatness in life.

This program works for all kinds of business and the three weeks’ program is to organize you to attain that greatness and remove those obstacles that can constrain you in life.

Details of bonuses

Something was said about the bonuses you get when you order the program. These bonuses are needed and they are as important as the major program itself. 

The first bonus or bonus 1 is called Melt Away Stress and this can do away with anxiety and stress and it does that by generating theta waves. 

The waves are also good because it can generate vibration and these can calm down your whole nervous system. The implication of this is that you are going to be more creative since you can now focus more on the work that you do. Furthermore, it can bring down those stresses that tear you away.

Bonus two

The second bonus of this program is the audio cassette. This comes with alpha sound waves and is full of creativity. It is going to boost your creativity notably, like no other program has done before. 

There are lots of things it can help you achieve such growth in your profession or flow in your business activities. 

It can also mean the change and transformation in your life career. It is recommended that before you start the daily activities that you can use this. You are sure of a better result when you do that.

Bonus three

The third bonus is equally important and it has to do with purity and the healing process. This is aimed to create an energy spike within you to push you to greatness. It comes with a gamma wave and this is a mental healing technology.

Bonus four

This is about adequate rest or sleep. This is indispensable in life but most people tend to ignore it. People are prevented from sleeping for several reasons and one of them includes the thought processes. 

10 Minute Awakening is important because it is going to assist you in calming down the nervous system. When this happens you are going to have a wonderful and creative night sleep or day sleep and so on. When you rest well the implication is that you are going to have creative and fresh ideas.

Bonus Five

It is another important bonus and the aim is to help you get started in a speed and quick way. Within the first day of using this bonus, you can start to see the wonderful effect. When you order the main program you are going to get all these bonuses for free. 

If you consider the market value of these gifts you would be surprised to learn that these are more than $297 assuming that you decide to buy every one of them separately. The most interesting news is that you are not going to pay an extra dime to get these bonuses once you order the main program.

Bonus six

There are two bonuses combined in these. One of the programs is about calming down and the second one is about boosting your brain. You can see the effects of all these within minutes. These are wonderful programs that can remove tension and calm down your nerves.

About the creators of the program

You are now aware that 10 minutes of Awakening is created by Paul Thomas and Jonathan. Thomas himself was involved in Yoga practicing over the years and was also a brilliant life coach. 

Moreover, he is a motivational speaker who can motivate any person through words of mouth. He came out with the idea that can transform any person and any condition by creating this revolutionary program that can electrify any person spiritually. 

Jonathan on the other hand was a neuroscientist. Over the years he occupied himself with spiritual studies. 

The two came together for a conference and they decided that they can combine their talents to create something that can help any human being. They used their knowledge and worked on this project. 

These divided their works according to their areas of expertise. While Jonathan has to concentrate on human brain waves, Thomas on the other hand worked on the meditation techniques. Through years of research and dedication, they can create this program which is helping thousands of humanity across the globe.

10 Minutes Awakening Pros

  • It can enlighten any person’s mind and make them successful.
  • It is easy to follow and you can achieve the result with three weeks of use.
  • Because it is easy to understand, it is not time-consuming.
  • The program is affordable.


  • Not enough people know about this life changing program.


One of the best things about the program is affordability. Despite the huge benefits you are going to derive from using this program, you discover that it is affordable. 

If you check the market value for the bonus programs attached to the program, you discover that these cost about $297. Should you decide to order these programs individually, you are going to pay that amount. 

This is not the case when you order 10 Minute Awakening. The program sells for just $47. 

Does 10 Minute Awakening work?

The program is one 100% legit. That is, If you follow the instructions as provided, because only then is it going to work for you.

If you are not satisfied with the way it works, you have a one hundred percent money-back guarantee. This means that there is absolutely nothing to lose when you order this product.


If you want to change your present condition of life for good, this is a program you need. You can see the wonders it can perform in your life within the first month of using it. The program is easy to implement and you have real value for your money when you use it.